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Register as a Buyer : is an interactive business web portal that provides a platform for the exchange of businesses and business services within the American business community. Use of this website will help buyers receive the best products

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How to Sell a Business :

Selling a business in America is one of the most complicated and cumbersome processes. The sale of a business starts from the day a business is established and continues through the life cycle of the business. You may be the owner for a period

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Broker Resources :

Licensed brokers and agents assist consumers in buying and selling businesses and commercial real state. Licensed brokers and agents offer help with listings, marketing, negotiations and also with the escrow process.

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Business Alerts :

Business alerts are an update of changes to American business for sale listings, including American franchise businesses for sale, products, services, or other areas you can opt in to receive to help you achieve your objectives.

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Buyer Resources :

Buying a business no longer requires extensive and expensive research on your part. Bizworldusa has created the most efficient and user-friendly web platform existing to identify all American businesses available for acquisition.

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Seller Resources :

Selling a business is no longer difficult or impossible. has made selling businesses extremely easy, using professional and effective methods combined with high end marketing.


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Business Valuation Methods :

Business valuation is a methodology and set of principles used to examine and estimate all associated economic factors of a business by using a predetermined formula to asses the value of the business or the owner’s

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Franchise Resource :

Franchise business is one of the hottest and proudest businesses in the American industry. People prefer to buy a franchise business because of good support from the franchisor. When we look at the industry, most

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Business Leads :

Business Buyer Leads or Sales Leads or Service Leads are potential prospects. They may be individuals or entities who are interested in purchasing a product, service, or representation for their business

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Business Financing :

In order to buy a business, a buyer needs liquid money, and enough reserves to run the business after acquisition. Many times the buyer will bring some portion of the money from their savings and will ask the seller to finance

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Business Professional Services :

Business intermediary or business professional service persons are neutral third parties specialized in business transaction services. They can help transfer ownership of a business from the seller to the buyer.

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Discuss with Us : is a committed web site working for buyers, sellers, brokers, franchisers, lenders, and other business related professionals.

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